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"Opens doors between the realm of humanity and the realm of the divine."


Romance Was Born invites you to join them on a cosmic cyber adventure.
Your guide on this journey is a young princess with special powers
called “Wisteria.” She is the ultimate gamer descending from an
ancient bloodline of teleports or space-jumpers, Wisteria will grant
thee rare access through the sacred portals to step into the void
where you’ll discover enlightenment travelling to infinite parallel
Universes and distant kingdoms.

This season Romance Was Born collaborate with artist Jess Johnson to
bring you Mysteria Wisteria. Jess Johnson’s intricate works on paper
with pen and gouache oscillate with her hypnotic tessellations and
daunting perspectives, that spiral, contract and vanish into distant
horizons. A strange cast of bat-faced deities, gnostic symbols and
yogic sleepers populate her complex works. They feel simultaneously
ancient and futuristic existing outside of time’s linear constraints
like some kind of void world of mass human consciousness.

Romance was Born interpret Johnson’s works as entire vistas or they
hone in on a single elements of her work elevating them to a new
context of their own. These are thoughtfully placed onto extravagant
floor length sequined gowns, silky patterned backdrops, embroidered
raw silk, appliquéd soft tulle, beaded lace details, cotton lurex
brocade and viscose knits. The collection is explored in four stories
– Pastel Egypt, Snakes & Chains, Parallel Universe and Gnostic Geo
Dimensions. Pastel Egypt cultivates a smart innocence of crisp cotton
printed in soft pastel hues with pinstripe elements, light wool
trousers with discreet leg splits and sweetly collared blouses. Snakes
& Chains evokes a more sombre mood like a Corinthian underworld
inhabited by dark silhouetted figures, medusa snakes coiling around
themselves, chains and Illuminati symbols. Somewhat lightening the
mood the charming wisteria beaded motif bursts to life here, twisting
around shoulders and decadently dripping off dresses and skirts. The
colour palette reflects this theme; jet, khaki, gold, midnight blue
and a stunning pleated silver hologram. Parallel Universe is a bold
contrast of black and white they oppose each other in strong linear
patterns or more open slogan outfits. There is also a powerful
injection of colour with the striking red tron triangle wafting
gracefully through in light pleated chiffon. Gnostic Geo Dimensions is
an impressive arrangement of Johnson's geometric patterns used as
tessellated clusters along trims or placed more sparsely in flattering
blocks upon the figure. This particular story has a 1960's feel
sporting A-line shapes and sci-fi empire elegance.

Wisteria is a mystical symbol of meditation, a symbol of the mind
spiralling and unfolding, expanding consciousness as it stretches
towards enlightenment.