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Cooee Couture


This special salon presentation of Cooee Couture marks Romance Was Born’s tenth anniversary. Under the light of a dingo moon Romance Was Born gather up their dilly bags, sling their hand painted swags across their shoulders and set off on an Australian adventure, traipsing through our richly diverse landscape – The journey begins on a beach at the edge of a lush tropical rainforest before they trek up to the dense alpine forests in the mountains, then forging on across rocky granite outcrops, travelling down to the river flats and meandering all the way into the heart of the red earth centre. Where the ochre desert is abloom with pretty meadows of native wildflowers. Along the way Romance Was Born discover a myriad of myths and legends, the icons and spirit of our land where nature is the divine creative influence on all. Cooee Couture sees Romance Was Born continue their collaboration with Linda Jackson - artist, maven fashion designer, opal dreamer and fellow free spirit. Cooee Couture is Romance Was Born’s fashion shout-out to Linda’s flamboyant style and a tribute to her groundbreaking fashion label Bush Couture. Cooee Couture celebrates their creative similarities, both are inspired by the raw beauty of the Australian landscape and what Romance Was Born dub as a “fabulousness” in head to toe dressing. Linda’s work immediately resonated with them, her signature use of colour, print, texture and shape, but above all a pure delight in the handwork of everything she makes. For Cooee Couture Romance Was Born focus on Linda Jackson the artisan. In so doing, they return to their own design roots beginning with the fabric. Every garment has been either hand printed, painted, patch worked or embroidered, exploring textile development through the hands. Cooee Couture is a creative dreaming of rainbows, magical opals, mystical birds, burnished roguish outlaws and colonial nymph-like ingénues set against the backdrop of our stunning Australian landscape.